E9 – Dealing with COVID19

Dealing with Covid19 as a business

In today’s episode, Kristian Livolsi talks about dealing with COVID-19 and will provide you with five critical areas that will help you navigate the storm. To further support you Kristian has prepared a COVID-19 Business Preparation Checklist, find the link below.  So, tune in and listen up because today could be the difference between order and chaos. As always, stay safe and live with purpose. Checklist: https://eepurl.com/gGXxcv

E8 – Building Resilience

With the escalating developments of COVID19, resilience will be something everyone needs to focus on developing because it’s a vital coping and survival mechanism that we need to endure, overcome and rebuild.

This week I discuss how you can personally build resilience by reflecting on your past to help you through the present. I will also explain how you can build resilient teams.

Resilience is a powerful mechanism that provides you with the ability to overcome adversity, but I believe it goes far beyond just weathering the storms.

E7 – What Is Resilience and Why Does It Matter

This week Kristian Livolsi focuses on Resilience. He discusses what it is and why it matters both in business and in your personal life. Resilience is critical for responsible leadership and a key quality of leaders, individuals and groups.

Short, sharp and to the point, this is an episode that will appeal to many.

E6 – Leadership and Values

Business Growth Mindset Podcast - Leadership and Values

Today Kristian Livolsi expands on the concept of leadership through the lens of seasons and cycles. He also takes a look at the importance of values and how they influence your mindset and that of others.

This weeks episode has a few cross overs from episode four and five, so if you are new to the podcast check out episode four and five first, we know you will enjoy them.