E18 – The causes of Failure and why smart people fail

This week Kristian explores the causes of failure, and why smart people fail!

This episode is full of golden nuggets to get you self-reflecting and thinking. This is a very brief masterclass and I know you will love it!

Live with purpose,

Kristian Livosli

E17 – What do purpose, crisis, resistance and resilience have in common?

Today’s episode I discuss the question; What does purpose, crisis, resistance and resilience have in common?

I realised the answer to this question only yesterday after my final presentation at ShowUp2020 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, and I was compelled to bring it all together into this weeks episode.

E16 – The Power of Fear and How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

This week Kristian focuses on how we deal with fear and gives us a guide to overcoming the fear of failure and start using failure to drive you to succeed. If you are new to the channel I would recommend you go back to last weeks episode on the power of failure and how to […]

E15 – The Power of Failure and How to Fail Forward

LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS WATCH ON YOUTUBE Kristian talks you through the six attributes of courage so you can get a deeper understanding of what courage is along with the six discrete steps in the process that will help you develop business courage and give you the edge in decision making. If you […]

Courage – What is it and how can it be applied in business? 

In this article I will show you the steps you can take to build your own courage and apply it in a business setting. 

Courage is the “ability to do something that frightens one and the strength in the face of pain or grief.” – Oxford dictionary

How many times can you relate to moments in your life where you felt fearful, scared, lost and even defeated?  This is not uncommon and even the bravest lack courage when they are faced with adversity. 

Courage is a quality of spirit and conduct. It permits you to face extreme danger or take action in difficult situations without fear.