10 Lies That Are Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life

10 lies that are holding you back from living your best life Kristian Livolsi

What are the 10 Lies that’s holding you back?

I find it very disheartening when I meet business owners who tell themselves lies so they can avoid the truth. I find it even more difficult when it’s young people and children as they are products of their circumstances and surroundings. I have put together ten of the most defeating lies I have heard across my life journey so far and these are the ten most common and most powerful lies people tell themselves and it is holding them back from being the best version of themselves which stops them from serving others with their gifts. If you can relate to any of these lies then you have an opportunity to seek out the truth and stop these lies stopping, you from living your best life.

3 Growth Secrets to Scaling Your Business

3 growth secrets to Scalling your business Kristian livolsi

Today I want to share with you three growth secrets for scaling your business.

The people that venture into scaling quickly often fail because they forget to focus on thriving during the process.

The biggest issue I see when working with new clients is that far too often, they all fail to review the cash position regularly, and when they do, they only skim the reports and do not dive into the detail, leaving them unsure and exposed to risk

So here are three growth secrets that will help you scale your business…

When growing your business from just a few employees to something sizeable you must be able too

  • Reduce operational activities for your and your leadership team by 80%
  • The leadership team needs to be focused on marketing facing activities.
  • Everyone must be aligned to drive execution and outcomes.

Live with purpose,
Kristian Livolsi

4 Decisions That Every Business Must Focus On To Thrive

4 Decisions that every business must focus on to thrive Kristian livolsi

What should a business focus on? 

These four areas of decision making are based on People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Simple Right? Yeh!! 

Today I want to share with you four decisions that every business must focus on to be successful.

Did you know that less than 4% of companies scale beyond 10 million dollars?
Consider that 23% of these firms are high impact firms that employ the majority of the people in the private sector!!

These firms are generally more than 25 years old and well established.

You see, the opportunity for a well established businesses to grow is expediential!

I have the privilege of working with many of these firms and what I love most about them is they have enormous potential for innovation, growth, and expansion.

The challenge that these firms face is that they don’t know the system and often they lack the appetite to venture forward and grow. For most they resemble an elephant, that is they are slow, heavy yet timeless. They have well-established systems and processes, but they lack diversity and agility.

The current global circumstances have led to the disruption of established ecosystems, caused economic uncertainty, and changed the way we do business. For some of these elephants, the need to adapt and diversity has come very quickly and at a price. Many have been slow to react, but have they done enough, that is the question.

So if you are one of these elephants or perhaps you are a new business caught in this uncertain environment then here are…

Four decisions that all firms must consider for staying relevant and thriving through these times.

  • How do you attracting and keep the right people?
  • How do you create a truly differentiated strategy?

I recommend all my clients focus on these four decisions often in fact they are on top of mind in our quarterly discussions.

Failure And Purpose: A Powerful Tool For Renewal And Success

Welcome to a Business Growth Mindset Podcast Episode


Today I want to share with you the audio from the Plenary Keynote I gave nearly three years ago to the Tourism Industry in South Australia held at the Hilton Hotel.


I found the audio file while clearing my inbox and I took the time to listen to it on New Year’s Day. I enjoyed it so much I knew I needed to share it with you. It’s a very powerful message around purpose and the importance of failing forward.


I know that it will help you grow and flourish, It’s relevant because of the uncertainty that we continue to face in 2021 and I know that it will inspire those who didn’t make it


If this is your very first time listening to my podcast, Welcome and thank you, I’m so glad that you’ve decided to hang out with me, and congratulations on making a powerful decision to INVEST IN YOU


It’s my story and I know it will serve you.