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What are the 10 Growth Mindset Affirmations that can Supercharge your Life1. I have grit and I don’t quit2. I build habits that will help me succeed3. My attitude is everything4. I am open to learning5. I can handle any challenge6. I am vulnerable and open to change7. Growth happened when I go outside my comfort zone 8. Failure is another opportunity for improvement9. My imperfect action is better than inaction10. I am abundance, I am love and I am loved and fulfilled. Until next time live with purpose.

How can we exactly deal with Mental Fatigue?Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at five events, some virtual and others in person. I must say I have missed the in person live events, there is something special about the energy of a live audience.I had the opportunity to talk to many business owners and leaders after the events and I was surprised to find so many of them showing signs of mental fatigue.It got me thinking about how I could serve them, and so I summarized the key

Welcome here is what I want to say to you today.Stop scrolling and stop comparing yourself to othersThe digital dilemma is real, and it compounds our self-limiting beliefs. The belief that we are not enough and our need for being loved.  to be enough and be loved.How many of you spend hours each day scrolling through meaningless Facebook and Instagram feed checking out your competitors, the people you admire, and those who’s lives you aspire to have? Go on be honest with yourself!!!I want you to decide todayI want you

To many people are living in the past, they are holding themselves back, they are paralyzed and confused by the interior dialogue that is going on in their head.It's time to get unstuck, break free, and live your best life.Your potential is unlimited we only use a small part of our brain. There is so much more to explore and it’s so exciting.So today I am going to ask you to Give yourself Grace for past failuresGive yourself Grace for

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