Energy Healer and Soul Alignment Business Woman – Tracey Gilles The Evolved CEO EP 8

Tracey Gillies from the Evolved CEO joins me on The Business Growth Mindset podcast.

Tracey is a wife, mother of three, business woman, spiritual, medium and coach. She’s also an energy healer, soul alignment and entity removal expert.

After struggling for years from postnatal depression, Epstein Barr, glandular fever, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and overwhelm, from the pressures and demands of motherhood and day to day life. She started researching natural, holistic modalities to try and heal herself.

This led to the most intense and enlightened healing and spiritual journey.

She now has developed the gifts and skills that allow her to access a person’s neurological, psychological and spiritual frameworks to heal them at a cellular DNA and energetic level.

Through this process, she’s able to heal, balance and align any blocks and restrictions in a person’s mind, body, energy and soul so they can unlock optimal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Tracey and her husband, Greg Gillies have developed the Evolved CEO signature program, specifically for CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to master their inner health and inner self, awaken their life’s purpose, and above all, transform their life.

Get comfortable and listen up because today, you will learn about the power of the soul, and how everything is energy…

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