BGM EP4- The difference between Red Oceans & Blue Oceans taking inspiration from the book Blue Ocean

Step into the world of strategic innovation with The Business Growth Mindset Podcast! Host Kristian Livolsi unravels the distinctions between Red Oceans and Blue Oceans, drawing inspiration from the transformative “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Kim and Mauborgne. Red Oceans epitomises the fierce battleground of conventional business, marked by cutthroat competition, price wars, and stagnation in […]

BGM EP2 – How To Develop a Strategy With Three Key Business Skills

Welcome to The Business Growth Mindset Podcast! In this episode, ‘Business Treats! How to Develop a Strategy with Three Key Business Skills,’ I, Kristian Livolsi, unravel essential skills for strategic business success. Join me as we delve into Resource Allocation and Management, Risk Management and Mitigation, and Strategic Partnership and Alliance Building—critical skills empowering businesses […]

BGM EP1 – Business Treats! How To Create A Clear Roadmap For Achieving Long-term Objectives

Welcome to The Business Growth Mindset Podcast! In this episode, ‘Business Treats! How to Create a Clear Roadmap for Achieving Long-Term Objectives,’ I’m your host, Kristian Livolsi, guiding you through three vital skills essential for business triumph. Firstly, Strategic Planning and Visioning will unravel the art of setting SMART goals, analysing business landscapes, and crafting […]

Coffee Break EP4 – 4 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur Evangelist

Welcome to another thought-provoking coffee break! In this episode, I dive into the intriguing world of Entrepreneur Evangelism and outline four pivotal steps to becoming an Entrepreneur Evangelist. What does it take to go beyond promoting products and services, and instead, inspire movements and industry transformations? Join me as I explore the essential qualities that […]

Coffee Break EP3 – What Is Your Legacy

Welcome to The Business Growth Mindset Podcast! Join me, Kristian Livolsi, on this episode titled ‘What is Your Legacy,’ where we take a deep dive into a thought-provoking topic: defining and leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Legacy isn’t about material possessions but about the impact we leave on others. In this coffee break, I challenge […]

Coffee Break EP2 – So What’s Your Business Worth And Who Do You Rely On For Advice

Welcome to Kristian Livolsi’s Coffee Break, where each week you’ll be inspired to grow professionally and personally! Just as we maintain and service our cars for optimal performance, businesses too require regular ‘check-ups.’ Discover the untapped potential and hidden pitfalls that could shape your business’s future. At Business Growth Mindset, we challenge conventional practices, offering […]

Coffee Break EP1 – Who Is Kristian Livolsi And Why You Should Subscribe To This Series

An entrepreneur, strategist, critical thinker, and growth advisor, Kristian is dedicated to helping people and businesses thrive with a growth mindset. Traveling the world, advising numerous companies, and presenting at various events, Kristian shares insights and strategies to fulfill your potential. Don’t miss our weekly coffee breaks – subscribe to the channel and turn on […]

Business Life EP 4 – The Keys To Building A Thriving Culture That Values People

Unlock the secrets to transforming your organisation with Kristian Livolsi on another insightful episode of “Business Life”! Today, we’re delving into the essential topic of ‘The Keys To Building A Thriving Culture That Values People.’ As a business owner or founder, discover how you hold the power to cultivate an environment where your team members […]

Business Life EP 3 – How to Increase Brand Awareness & Get Your Business Noticed

Uncover the secrets to conquering the challenges of business visibility in this compelling episode of “Business Life” with your host, Kristian Livolsi. If you’ve ever felt like your business is in the shadows despite your efforts, fear not—Kristian provides a roadmap to elevate your brand awareness and make a lasting impact. Dive into proven strategies, […]