A Deep Insight Into A Musical Barrister Who Has A Love Of Family – Enzo Belperio EP 6

A Deep Insight Into A Musical Barrister Who Has A Love Of Family – Enzo Belperio EP 6

The Musical Barrister 🎵🎶

Enzo Belperio is a barrister specialising in: 

👉 commercial dispute resolution with a particular emphasis on insolvency, wills and estates litigation, trade practices, corporate governance, building and construction, franchising and general contractual disputes.

An engaging conversation around failure, lessons learned, biggest challenges and a bit of fun along the way!

Kristian has a most engaging conversation with Enzo and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!

Enzo loves to read, “How the Mind Works” and “Rationality” by Steven Pinker

To connect with Enzo you can find him here on LinkedIn:

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