Why most CEOs and business owners feel stressed out and what to do about it!

So many busy CEOs and business owners are increasingly stressed out.  They are overwhelmed because of the pressure to perform, the adversity they face, the challenging times we are facing, technology, people, family, and their deep desires. Today I want to share with you the most common causes of stress I see in CEOs and […]

7 Areas of Constant Growth for an Outstanding Life

7 AREAS OF CONSTANT GROWTH | 5 Stars inclined

As high achievers, we all know that whatever we focus on and set our mind to, we will find a way to achieve it. The greatest challenge for so many CEOs and business owners is building momentum and finding balance. Even the very best top achievers acknowledge a gap between where they are and where […]

Nine Areas I Focus On To Supercharge My Clients Growth

Many CEOs and business owners are aware of these nine areas, but they rarely focus on them. Instead, they spend most of their time working through operational and management issues. They are often frustrated and struggle with working too many hours, putting out fires and chasing their people. Having worked with over 500 companies across […]

How great companies think differently, insights by Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Rosabeth explores some interesting and valid points in her article which I believe all business owners can benefit from. Key points are discussed and I engourage you to take the time to look at her work if you are wanting to take a deper dive on this concept Instead of being mere money generating machines, […]

Courage – What is it and how can it be applied in business? 

In this article I will show you the steps you can take to build your own courage and apply it in a business setting. 

Courage is the “ability to do something that frightens one and the strength in the face of pain or grief.” – Oxford dictionary

How many times can you relate to moments in your life where you felt fearful, scared, lost and even defeated?  This is not uncommon and even the bravest lack courage when they are faced with adversity. 

Courage is a quality of spirit and conduct. It permits you to face extreme danger or take action in difficult situations without fear. 

Who Are You? An Insight into Purpose and Leadership

The importance of a clearly defined purpose is widely acknowledged, however, it is not always easy to clearly define what your purpose is. When you know what your purpose is, you understand the meaning behind everything you do. 

‘It is the choice to bring who we are – our gifts and energies – to whatever we are doing. The purpose is a cradle-to-grave, 24/7, moment-to-moment choice in our daily lives.’ 

R Leider

The Nature Of Leadership

[vc_row enable_grid_lines=””][vc_column][vc_column_text] It no longer surprises me how many business owners and c suite executives struggle with leading their teams and organizations. Too often I hear business owners and executives tell me that people are their greatest’s challenge. Almost always when I dive a little deeper the problem in most cases is related to a […]

The value of good governance the mindset required

Today I want to share with you the value of good governance, being a director and the mindset required.  I often get asked why I invest so much time and money into furthering my education! The answer is simple, you don’t know what you don’t know, so I go out and learn as much as […]

Are you already stagnant in 2020?

We are mid-way through February and I hear the same shit from so many people! I don’t have enough time, too few customers, recruitment is difficult and so forth. Please stop whinging and start taking action! The answers are in your negativity and fixed mindset. Today I want to share with you… Six ways to […]

A “Growth Mindset” What is it?

Skyscraper in the sky

I have a buzzword that is very hot right now, yet people rarely understand what it actually means. Today I want to talk about A “Growth Mindset” and what it is. Humans are deeply pleased when their ideas come to fruition. They are even more pleased when their ideas make a difference, for example improving motivation, […]