A four day intensive masterclass that will skyrocket your business growth and profit.

There are four universal barriers to growth;

  1. Infrastructure
  2. People
  3. Leadership
  4. Marketing

Many people will say funding is a barrier to growth but this is not correct. If your idea or business solves a massive global problem and people desire the product then you will generate all the sales you need to gain the cash you need to grow and importantly you will attract all the investment you need.


  • Your Business Growth is stagnant
  • Your business is Underperforming
  • You have People challenges
  • You lack the Strategic thinking to move forward
  • You don’t have a formalised Execution plan
  • Become more confident in your business
  • Develop a peak performance mindset that will help you mobilise you and your people
  • Learn the precise strategic thinking techniques used by the world best business owners, CEOs and leaders.
  • Develop your people strategy to attract, retain and empower more people
  • Develop a marketing plan that will help your attract more of your dream clients, investors and talent.
  • Create and implement an execution plan that will hold you and team accountable and generates outcomes.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in what we deliver that we offer a 100% Money back guarantee. If by the end of the 4 days we did not help you develop a People, Marketing and Execution Strategy for your business we will give you back 100% of your investment.

Business growth is achievable, with the right strategies, tools and support

Have a look at one of our clients experience

Geoff Steele Managing Director Steele Building Group

A national construction company providing quality service and skills to a range of clients. Today their portfolio includes commercial construction, private enterprises and residential projects.

“I engaged Kristian as business advisor early this year after studying alongside him in an AICD course. I undertook Kristian’s Business Operating System (BOS) bootcamp program which is only one of the services he offers and is designed for SME businesses. In this training we were able to create a clear vison, company values, build culture and work through many other system hurdles that needed attention. Overall, we were able to build a structure that in turn will enable our growth. I would highly recommend Kristian’s BOS program to anyone is the same or similar position as myself.”



Note: The BOS program was the foundational course that created Grow and Flourish. BOS was a 2 day program, Grow and Flourish is 4 days and includes marketing and sales which was not part of BOS. Since then Geoff has experienced significant growth his business and was awarded the 40 under 40 award in South Australia in 2022



Here are just a few of the industries we work within… Engineering, Fitness, Allied Health, Trades, Property, Construction, Energy, Hospitality, Technology, eCommerce, Marketing, Digital, Manufacturing..

Since working with Kristian and the business growth mindset team my revenue has grown…

Your investment $5500

  • 4 day masterclass
  • 30+ hours of learning
  • Printed Workbook
  • Networking
  • Fully catered daily – arrival tea and coffee,
    morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.