Is it even possible to build a successful business with all the competition and crap online, if you’re not a hard-core marketer?

Yes, you can absolutely create a fulfilling, lucrative business by helping others meet their needs and wants.

People have changed

Today, the scarcest resource available is Attention

There are so many distractions, so many bright shinny projects, so many options, and so many so-called experts.

Most people reading this won’t even make it to this paragraph. It might be because of my writing or copy or it might be because your brain is no longer programmed to stay focused for longer than a few beats while it waits for the next interruption.

If I had hired a copywriter, they would already be telling you how scary it would be if you didn’t attend this workshop, how your entire world was going to end….

But I didn’t because in my opinion people are tired of that BS too. Aren’t You? Scepticism is real and its ok to be sceptical.

But if you have decided that you want commit to build the business that you have always desired and know that people want and need your service or product and your passion can change lives then please stick around.

Everybody else is selling a cookie cutter

a one size fits all, get rick quick, magic bullet, turn key solution, step by step formulas and the list goes agonisingly on. None of this works, because everyone is doing the same thing. 

You sound like everyone else, you talk the same, look the same and market the same. You are trapped in a red ocean with your rudder jammed in a direction to nowhere. To succeed in today’s world of mass marketing you need to differentiate!

You must not become everybody else if you are going to win . It’s time to get back to the fundamentals, if you don’t, you can’t succeed in this unstable marketing world, where most businesses fail! Yes 80% will fail within three years!

Not because of a lack of ability or desire to succeed, but because they are following some else’s plan. When you follow someone else’s plan, you are not authentic!

Featured In

I have failed and succeed, and both leave clues. I have been involved in 79 ventures and advised thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

I run my own companies with nearly 100 employees whilst writing strategy and growing my clients too. I have been an Adjunct Professor and an Entrepreneur In Residence at a Sandstone University, I have helped companies raise 500M in capital, and our clients grow 20% year on year with firm margin growth too! 

I am a practitioner and an academic with a tireless pursuit for learning and self development. “You don’t know what you don’t know”. 

I am married to Lucy who is magnificent and without her I could not do what I do. Together we have two amazing children Leonardo and Lavender who remind us every day to love unconditionally and live with purpose.


He understood whats its like to lose everything and we shared our war stories, but more importantly he understood from an emotional level what its like when you feel like the loneliest person in the world, what the world calls “failure”. Jack Ma of Alibaba use to tell his team not about his successes, but all his failures because thats where people get the best lessons from. I have learnt as much from Kristian’s failures as from his wins and thats what makes him such a great teacher and mentor.

OrganiQ Australia
He challenges others to push beyond their personal boundaries, to exceed their own expectations…His ability to never judge and overlook first impressions empowers him to bring out the best in people. Kristian has assisted me in transforming my personal life and my business Organiq Australia.


Prof Jeremy Thompson – ART Lab Solutions
Your advice concerning business development strategies, marketing strategies, overcoming export issues, and following customer communications, have been truly ‘eye-opening’ and hugely valuable


Jordan Gruber – CEO, Frontier Microscopy
Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with someone as gifted as Kristian. Kristian is wise and trustworthy, passionate about helping entrepreneurs overcome hardship that he has himself experienced.


Carlos Lopez – Founder, NumuWorld

His knowledge and the way he shares it with us openly is priceless and one of the most important secret assets of NumuWorld.



Dr Jonathan Hall – Director, Life Whisper

He is always ready to listen with empathy, to talk through anything. I always feel able to speak my mind with Kristian and walk away from any meeting with him feeling empowered, and able to do anything.

The Path

  1. Become Valuable
  2. Become Visible
  3. Become Valued


Becoming valuable is absolutely the most important step in your journey yet most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t spend enough time focusing on this step. Instead they focus on becoming visible and valued which is cool and appeals to our desires.

You probably already know that becoming valuable is much harder and requires discipline and focus.

In order to attract peoples attention, you must be offering them something more valuable than their problem, fears and interruptions.

The value is found in you, your product and your service.

You don’t need to become somebody else. You need to be you BUT to be you, you need to have fanatical discipline.

What creates more value is more truth, not more replication of other people’s cookie cutter systems and manipulation.

Real value is created speaking to your dream clients, surrounding yourself with more of these people. Showcasing to them your unique and authentic voice, your product and service through curated original content.

Here is how I structured the workshop to help you become valuable, become visible and valued…

My intentions and deliverables for this Marketing for Growth Workshop..

If you’re still reading, this must be connecting with you. You are probably unique and different just like others in my community. I dare say we might be the right fit. On the surface our message has many similarities, you may even be thinking I have heard this all before but I promise you, this is different and now I will show you how. Others on the front line are not interested in you, your product or service. Their ads and the funnels and the gigantic email lists are teaching marketing, conversion, and money like everyone else is without the key ingredient, you! You see, they are not authentically aligned with who you are because they are aligned with themselves, with what they sell and do and this means more of them and less of you. I have seen so many people fall victims to the trap and fail because they lose themselves in selling themselves through the lens of others.

Do NOT try to change who you are, Become MORE OF YOU. I will not teach you how to be like everybody else, including myself. I will teach you how to succeed being YOU. How to attract more of your dream clients, by helping you uncover exactly who those dream clients are and where they congregate.

I will show you how to create authentic content that is YOU and that speaks to your dream clients, helping you attract and convert them into customers. We will build together a lead magnet that will use to attract and build your list of prospects.Then we will focus on the execution skills and tactics so you can cast a wider net and covert leads into sales. You see what I teach is alignment, getting clear about who you are, what you sell and to who.


You have two questions to ask yourself when it comes to investing in this workshop

Question 1. What’s the worst thing that can happen if I take action?

This question is about comfort, staying exactly where you are, its safe.

Question 2. What is the worst thing that can happen if I DON’T take action?

This question drives leaders. The worst case is staying where you are, not making progress towards building the business you know you can have. Helping others

If you want to go beyond where you currently are, then you must take action over and over again until you arrive where you want to arrive. 

If you are more committed to self development than you are to comfort then invest $1,100 and join our workshop.

Limited Tickets Available


Join the workshop, listen, learn, participate and do the work and if you are not satisfied that we have not delivered what we said we were going to do, then, let a
member of our team know at the end of the workshop and we will refund you your entire investment.

Of course we think its an amazing workshop and its proven to deliver an ROI within 7 days at the full price.

But if you decide at the end of workshop that we didn’t deliver you the value we promised then not only do you get a full refund, we will let you keep the workbook and all the IP that has helped thousands of other people create a market dominating competitor crushing strategy.

Absolutely 100% NO RISK! That’s how certain we are that this will serve you well after the workshop is complete

Limited Tickets Available

Perks and presents

Take action right now and you will also receive the following bonuses;


These bonuses are a small gift to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you on your journey to true authenticity and marketing for growth.


Absolutely, the sooner you implement these foundations, the better off you will be.
Everyone needs a tune up and everyone doesn’t know what they don’t know. In our Evolve community we have 8 figure businesses who will be attending this workshop.
Absolutely not. Making money is based on your effort and your results. Its about your attitude, commitment, product and service. I can guarantee you that I will teach you a framework that has worked for thousands of clients before and yet is authentic to you. My team and I will show you what you need, how to build it and how to implement it.
Great, walk up to one of my team and ask for a refund, they will process it at the end of the day.

Perfect, send an email to and she will help you with any questions you may have at the end of the day.

Don’t be the first person to do it on your own. I have rarely seen it. Don’t try to achieve your dreams by following your fear driven intellect. Its impossible to do. If you have any questions, please book a call with Simone our Impact Architect and Evolve

Not 100% convinced this can help your business?

Book a call with the team to learn more and ask any questions you might have!

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