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Our clients experience remarkable personal and professional growth, their businesses thrive and their people flourish. Our holistic approach is underpinned by a proven formula that drives you to scale.

B.O.S Bootcamp header

B.O.S Bootcamp

People build a business and then become a prisoner and slave, carrying the weight of the world, their customer expectations, their team and their family! 

Some businesses create amazing products and services, but they are stuck and unsure how to scale. Others are frustrated because they have lost direction and drive. 


All this can be avoided and reversed! 

All you need to be is a boss and lead! 


  1. You need to be clear, decisive and have goals. 
  2. Your people need your vision articulated and reinforced. 
  3. You need systems and processes to make people accountable and to move you forward and beyond. 


The BOS Bootcamp will give you the clarity you need to spark your mindset and get you very clear about where you are and where you want to go. 

The BOS Bootcamp is an intensive program run across 3 days. The workshops uncover the unknown unspoken problems and opportunities in your business. They provide the strategic plan for you to grow and flourish as well as a proven business operating system that will help you scale in 90 days and stay on track into the future. 

The program doesn’t just wrap up after three days. Kristian supports you with two follow up coaching sessions to make sure you are taking action and getting it done. 


  • Sole Traders, Partnerships or Companies
  • > $500,000 turnover
  • >5 employees 


What’s included;

Day One: Half-day business Health Check in person with Kristian Livolsi.

Day Two: Half-day strategy workshop in person with Kristian Livolsi.

Day Three: 90-Day Sprint workshop online (2-3 hours)

Week Two: One-hour Coaching Session online

Week Three: One-hour Coaching Session online

Mastermind Header

Growth Mastermind

The Business Growth Mindset Mastermind is an Exclusive 12-month Business Growth and Problem Solving Program that is available by application only for business owners who are genuinely interested in growth, overcoming the challenges of business (The Hamster Wheel Effect) and yearn for support and direction through a peer-to-peer advisory board. 

The Business Growth Mindset Mastermind team is dedicated to the continuous delivery of the latest and most effective methods and tools. We are driven by a passion for cultivating deep relationships through ongoing monthly support, coaching, and training. 

Over 12 months you will establish a strong peer-to-peer advisory board, develop your leadership skills, and create accountability and momentum in your business.

Unlike other masterminds and business coaching programs, the Business Growth Mindset Mastermind is run by founder Kristian Livolsi and is exclusively for business owners that are looking for support and growth while navigating disruption and change. 

Kristian works with each mastermind group on a monthly basis, so you learn directly from him and your peer-to-peer advisory board. 


  • >$250,000 turnover
  • 12-month program
  • Maximum ten members in each Mastermind


Whats included:

  • 22 x two-hour fortnightly group sessions 
  • 4 x two-hour 90 Day Sprint Audits


The sessions are broken down as follows:

  • Lvl 10 meeting – B.O.S. platform.
  • Board Member Pitch – Issue, Challenge, Opportunity
Growth and Flourish Header

Grow and Flourish

Grow and Flourish is focused on scalability, leadership and culture. 

It’s designed for business owners and executives of companies that turn over more than a $1,000,000. 

The program drives strategy through proven execution models that create accountability and hyper growth. We focus on psychology and mindset to drive performance and operations for you and your team. 

Throughout the 12-month program, the one-to-one sessions are focused on core growth pillars such as people, strategy, execution, and cash. 


Our clients work through our proven six-step framework for growth covering:

  1. goals 
  2. culture 
  3. leadership 
  4. sales
  5. marketing
  6. finance 


What makes Grow and Flourish unique is the personalised one on one coaching with Kristian Livolsi

The purpose of the program is to establish a leadership framework and culture that retains the best people, attracts great talent, and provides on-demand dream clients.

Unlike other business coaching programs, the Business Growth Mindset Grow and Flourish program is run by our founder Kristian Livolsi, and is exclusively for business owners, executives, and leaders looking to grow and flourish while navigating disruption and change, so they can increase their profit, have more freedom and create more quality time. 


  • Business owner, managing director, general manager, executive officer
  • >$1,000,000 turnover
  • >5 employees 
  • 12-month program
  • Availability is strictly limited to 20 clients 


What’s included;

  • 30-minute Discovery Session (call)
  • Two-hour Planning Session (zoom) – values, parameters and process
  • A deep dive full-day workshop with Kristian Livolsi 
  • 26 x two-hour one-on-one coaching sessions (zoom) (fortnightly)

Giving you clarity and direction

Learn & Collaborate

One-on-one coaching

Ready to be more productive, increase your profits and enjoy more time off?

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