What our clients say

Clients across various industries consistently express how our comprehensive programs have transformed their approach to business.

Holly Smith

“If your willing to go on the journey … he is transformational”

Morgan Hunter

“If someone was considering working with Kristan I would say just do it … the results are there”
Jack Peat
“His biggest skill is able to work out what your weaknesses and strengths are”
Unpacking our business in ways we’ve never looked at before. To say we are blown away is an understatement. Finding the right person to mentor guide and work wiht us as the challenge. Someone that not only sees us, but to believe in us.

Vanessa Comley | Organic Box

Organic Box

Love being a part of the Evolve community as I have received so much value and knowledge especially in respect to strategy. To have a big vision and now know the appropriate steps I need to take to make that vision a reality is super exciting and it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance that I have received within this community.

Alexandra McCarthy | Wildflower Psychology

Wildflower Psychology

Kristian is amazing with his ability listen and find where the breakdown is in your business. I have joined and tried many coaches and can say kristian has been one of the best. Not only is his ability to strategise but he genuinely cares and has a big heart. I love being apart of the Evolve mastermind

Karim Boktor | The Boktor Method

The Boktor Method

Kristian has really helped me to shift my mindset and believe in myself. Helping me push myself to reach my full potential and hold myself accountable. Having Kristian involved in my business has brought clarity and direction for our future, along with aligning our team and bringing a common goal to our team and cementing our great culture. He genuinely cares about the well being and success of his clients and their businesses.

Jack Van Kool

Green Fox Metals

Customer on Demand Students

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“The like minded community has been powerful for me since I’m halfway around the world from Australia.”

Scott Raven, 
Life Coach

“There’s so much value in this program. I’ve done a lot of different courses and programs and none of them touched on the foundations of building a business.”

Sandi Diaz,
Life Coach

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“Module 3, “What are you offering?” proved to be a transformative experience. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to be lured by shiny distractions. However, this module taught me a valuable lesson: accomplished individuals excel at mastering the fundamentals and embracing simplicity. The program effectively instilled in me the significance of these principles.” 

Amanda Mcneil
Events Entrepreneur, Advisor & Coach

“Customers on Demand opened my eyes to the incredible power of LinkedIn, where a mere 3% of users actively create content among the staggering community of over 880 million people. 

This realisation emphasised the immense potential for me to stand out and make an impact.

Additionally, I learned firsthand the undeniable importance of video content in capturing attention and conveying messages effectively.

Armed with this knowledge, I am now equipped to harness the power of LinkedIn and leverage captivating video content to connect with my target audience and drive meaningful results for my business.

Lourene Bevaart

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“Customers On Demand revealed to me the incredible power of understanding where my customers gather, mastering effective ways to engage with them, and establishing trust through LinkedIn.

This newfound knowledge has empowered me to confidently navigate the world of customer outreach and forge meaningful connections that drive success.”

Stephen Soo

WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT customers on demand

This is not just an online course, you get face to face help. Since joining COD I have 10 x’d my business because I now have confidence and clarity.

Karim Boktor

Having done COD, my business has changed – I now have a profile on LinkedIn which I didn’t have before. My profile is growing and I’m getting people interacting with my posts. I’m in a lot better position now than I was 6 months ago.

Chris Payne

I feel so much more confident in approaching people on LinkedIn, I’m definitely seeing a huge improvement in lead generation.

Ivana  Katz

Since doing COD I have been getting a lot more impressions and traffic to my profile. COD is a game changer!

Karen Au-Yeung

The amount of support you get in the program and in the community is so much more than what I thought I was going to get.

Sandi Diaz

I love the community, the support is second to none. I highly recommend doing this program.

Mary-Anne Vaessen

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