E34 – How to build your Dream 100 and grow your business.

This week Kristian Livolsi dives into the Dream 100.

After becoming interested in this topic Kristian set out to find out exactly what it is, where it came from and how to implement it in his coaching clients business.

Dream 100 was created by the late Chet Holmes and has been implemented around the world by leading business people, I would say most notably, Russel Brunson.

The Dream 100 is a list of your absolute ideal, dream clients.  It’s a list of companies and individuals that you would love to work with above all other companies and individuals. It can also be a list of affiliates that you want to align with so they can help you scale your products and services.

This list is formed from your niche market and becomes a clearly defined and targeted hit list. I have broken it down into six steps making it easier to follow and action.

Follow these steps to reach your dream 100 list and grow your business. It will take some time but if you stick at is I assure you, you will get massive results.

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