Five Secrets that will give you superpowers

Today I am going to share with you…

Five secrets that you can adopt to establish an adaptive culture and build an adaptive advantage

These secrets will give you superpowers and provide you with an unfair advantage over 95% of the population.

1. Look at the disruptors

Rapid growth industries often have the presence of disruptive rebels. Generally, they are new and sometimes from other industries. They are not pigeonholed in their approach and nor do they have the traditionalist views of heavily conforming and established heavyweights.

2. Recognize and take action on the uncertainties

Examine the risk and uncertainties that could impact your company, this exercise alone will force you to determine what you don’t know and how to address it.

3. Increase the Speed

The fundamental truth is there is no substitute for speed, absolutely none, now the speed of adoption is critical in the cycle of decision making, Imperfect action trumps perfect inaction every time.

4. Make risk an initiative

Adaptability must become your engine that drives your company it starts with you as a CEO or the business owner, Every source of uncertainty must be addressed with an Initiative.

5. Always seek alternatives

In stable environments, it’s easy to become complacent and merely look for small improvements to existing circumstances. Now by simply requiring that each suggestion is met with several alternatives, it will force your people to become more varied creating a powerful movement for innovation and creativity but it also legitimizes and fosters cognitive diversity as well as flexibility. Today we are faced with an uncertain and competitive reality that is forced by rapid change and disruption.  It’s not enough to simply survive and ride the wave using traditionalist approaches and fixed mindsets.  Instead, I encourage you to use this dynamic and substantial adaptative way to stay ahead so you can thrive.

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