Why Adaptability is A Superpower

Hi Kristian Livolsi and welcome.  Today I want to share with you…

Why adaptability is a superpower and the traits you need to develop in order to take advantage of its power.

Charles Darwin said,

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Adaptability refers to one’s ability to quickly respond to changing trends, innovation, destabilization, industry shifts, and so forth. This ability to adjust or shift makes a business owner and CEO agile and that is important because most industries today are in some state of unrest.

For example,

Let’s consider a company whose business model has become disrupted by covid and thus revenues dip. One business owner clings onto the standard way of doing business, resists change, and subsequently drags the company and its employees towards catastrophic failure. Conversely, another business owner adapts by cutting costs, thinking differently, empowers their team, and most importantly looks to the future and carves a new path that carries the company forward through those tough times. In fact, companies lead this way generally become more profitable and more connected than previously.

From my experience of working with hundreds of CEOs and business owners’ adaptable leaders demonstrate thirteen traits and they are;

  1. They don’t complain
  2. They don’t blame others or the circumstances they are dealt
  3. They have a growth mindset
  4. They experiment
  5. They see opportunity through failure
  6. They are resourceful
  7. The think ahead
  8. They are strategic
  9. They are curious
  10. They have open minds
  11. They focus on systems and process
  12. They stay relevant
  13. They thirst for learning

Remember that all skills can be taught, and you can develop these traits by practice and repetition. The best part about these traits is that you can teach your team and great leaders focus on their team, empowering them with education and meaning.

Where focus goes energy flows.  Invest in you and your team and grow and flourish through change and reduce resistance by being adaptable.

I specialize in developing this superpower for my clients and their companies. If you want to become more adaptable or would like to review your companies ability to become more agile and adaptable please book a meet and greet call with me and let’s have a chat about your needs and wants and see if I can help you unlock this superpower.

The link is in the post, until then live with purpose.

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