Ten Ways To Achieve Your Goals

Hi I’m Kristian Livolsi and welcome to my business growth mindset blog!

Today I want to share with 10 effective ways to achieve your goals.

It’s important to recognise that less than 20% of business owners write down goals.

Yes, less than 20%. It’s no surprise then that 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

So it’s really important that you understand 2 things:

– Where focus goes, energy flows

You must have an obsessive focus if you want to succeed

– Momentum is what keeps us moving

However, It’s our routine that sustains our momentum

Now when you understand and accept that focus and routine are critical, you will then fully appreciate how these 10 ways will help you achieve your goals

So here are the 10 ways that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Understand your purpose
  2. Be 100 clear and certain about what it is that you want to achieve
  3. Set Smart goals
  4. Establish good habits that supports your goals
  5. Turn expectation into appreciation, and turn achievement into fulfillment
  6. Make decisions that support your goal
  7. Get the right amount of sleep
  8. Rise before 5 am and get things done
  9. Plan each day before you execute
  10. Meditate and set your intentions each and every morning

Now remember, that failure to plan will result in failure to action.

Having an obsessive focus will create energy, and energy will create massive momentum and by having a kick-ass routine you will take massive action every single day.

For most CEO’s and business owners that I met, they’re struggling to do this on their own.

And that’s where I come in, I helped them do it faster, quicker, better showing them the shortcuts, teaching them strategies and the modeling that works. This helped them to achieve more.

I helped them stay focus, I drive them and I inspired them to take daily action. And this achieves massive action.

What I am doing to help

I, Kristian Livolsi, is serving my clients beyond achievement and ensure that they live an outstanding life.
You can only live your outstanding life when you raise your standards and step up.

If this is you and you want me to help you live your outstanding life then please book a call with me and let’s see if I can help you define your goals, get super clear and take action each day.

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