E3 Top Achievers | How Attitude, Focus & Curiosity Drives Business with Shane Yeend

How Attitude, Focus & Curiosity Drives Business with Shane Yeend

Shane is a father, friend, global employer and serial entrepreneur!

He is the CEO of Imagination Group, the Founder & Chairman of Gamestar+ and the guy who owns the license to sell photos of the Hollywood sign!

That’s right 😳

His company owns the rights to:
Battle of the Sexes
Deal or NO Deal
50 Shades of Grey
and many other well-known entities.

He is the recipient of the famous EY Australian Entrepreneur of The Year and World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and Innovator of the Year…

His investors include:
American Shark and CEO of FUBU – Daymond John
Celebrity TV presenter and stand-up comedian – Stephen Harvey

Shane is quite the storyteller and he has some killer stories that he shares with us in today’s podcast.

We are blessed to call Shane our friend and he is one of the most generous people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Always willing to share his knowledge and help others as you will hear in this podcast.

Key insights from our chat include:

Value the grey area
Take a full 360 degree view of your business
Fully and deeply understand your customers and what they need
Have a playbook for every person and then find the very best person to fill that role
Brands build brands

He also shares his top three lessons:

1. Attitude is everything
2. Be laser focused
3. Try harder always

You’ll find the links to Shane and his companies here:
Director of:
National Aerospace Corporation
Aviation Capital Partners

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