E5 Top Achievers | Capturing Beautiful Moments In Care with CareApp Founder

Being able to capture beautiful moments in the aged care and disabled care industries is an achievement that has Allison filled with a sense of love and purpose.

A person with many facets, Allison Nikula embodies what it means to be a “life lover”. As we know, top achievers in life are “busy” people and Allison is no different. Allison is a wife, mother, daughter, friend and an accidental entrepreneur!

Allison’s massive personality shines in this conversation as she delves into some enticing questions around:

• Being an “accidental” entrepreneur

• The journey of an idea while sitting with a glass of wine to CareApp as it is today

• Her personal life and how that’s entwined with her business

• The value her business brings to the world

• What’s made her a better mother

• What in her childhood led to the type of businesswoman she is today

Along Allison’s journey through adulthood, she has ceased opportunities that have given her the next set of skills she has needed to take on her next role. Allison is not a person to sit idly by; she is someone who thrives on challenging herself and learning constantly by making mistakes and failing forward.

One of her greatest achievements has been the development of the award winning, CareApp. She believes that capturing beautiful moments in care develops and strengthens the connections between the elderly/disabled, their carers and their families.

My key takeaways from this conversation with Allison are:

• Make sure you don’t lose connection with family & friends on the journey

• Chunk down goals/actions into 24 hour sections

• Sleep needs to be celebrated!

A quote from the conversation that stuck with me:

“I realised I had the backbone, conviction and grit to take on Everest kind of tasks”

Great Authors Allison recommends:

Brené Brown: https://brenebrown.com/

Richard Branson: https://www.virgin.com/branson-family…

Simon Sinek: https://simonsinek.com/

Janine Allis: https://www.janineallis.com.au/

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