E9 Creating New Pathways in Business for Women and Non-Binary People with Moira Were AM

Throughout this podcast, you will feel the energy that drives Alice in her business. From always seeing the learning moment in every uncomfortable scenario to exuding passion for her clients. Getting down to the guts of what it takes to run a business as a single mum, Alice brings out the best in everyone around her!

Alice discusses everything from stepping into your power, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, growing your business even when surrounded with a significant loss, and learning to trust in the process with your business mentor/advisor.

Alice’s energy and passion shine in this conversation as she delves into some enticing questions around:

• Who she is and what got her to where she is today
• What value does her business bring to the world
• Coping with EVERYTHING as a mum in business
• How she realigns herself
• Business being a lonely place

A key question in this podcast:

“What advice would you give to someone who was in the “lonely”, “unsure”, “overwhelm” business environment? And would that be different advice to someone who’s in a confident business environment who was looking to step up?”

My key takeaways from this conversation with Alice are:

• Step into the fear
• Take action as this leads to positive energy
• Be comfortable with being uncomfortable
• Make decisions and step in to step up

A quote from the conversation that stuck with me:

“Little things done right!”

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