E10 Retail Entrepreneur to CEO of Chamber of Business and Industry SA with Martin Haese

A fascinating insight into how a humble retail entrepreneur lived outside his comfort zone to become Lord Mayor of Adelaide and then CEO of the Business and Industry Chamber of South Australia. With a retail philosophy ingrained in his being, Martin was able to penetrate every situation he found himself in to transform the culture to one of being service-centric.

Martin’s various roles have impacted the lives of many in a positive way. During his time as Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin invigorated the shopping precinct of Rundel Mall by attracting investors and being interested in the needs of the retailers.

Martin’s encapsulating personality shines in this conversation as he delves into some enticing questions around:

• Investment in people
• Financial Literacy
• How caring and being interested in people is central to the business landscape
• What’s made him a better CEO
• What habits he imparts to help others

My key takeaways from this conversation with Martin are:

• Building a culture of service
• Having a strong purpose
• The greatest commodity of an entrepreneur is to ask questions, and lots of them!

A quote from the conversation that stuck with me:

“If you contemplate in business everything that could happen before you do it, sometimes you may not do anything. You may be frozen by the risk or the permutations of how it could play out. Live outside your comfort zone!”

Great books Martin recommends:

Read Biographies and Military History!

Lazarus Rising by John Howard

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