The Power of Developing a Workplace That Matters with Gary Martin EP 4

The Power of Developing a Workplace That Matters with Gary Martin and what it takes to become a leader in education and leave a legacy.

Selling newspapers from 12 years of age which allowed him to learn about great service, the philosophy of the harder you work the more money you make, and the reliability to your customer has held him in good stead in any work environment.

Gary’s mission is to: Inspire better workplaces…

Covid had an enormous impact on AIM WA, so much so that they had to change the way they structured their business.

Gary commenced in the role of Chief Executive and Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Management in 2012.

He has overall responsibility for leading all aspects of the institute’s business, which is focused on building leadership management and workplace capability, both in Australia and Internationally.

As a workplace specialist, Gary focuses on key issues and challenges facing organisations and their people.

He is a regular columnist in a variety of publications across Australia and Internationally, covering a broad range of workplace issues including ageism, bullying, flexible working and building respect.

Kristian has a most engaging conversation with Gary and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!

Gary loves to read a variety of non-fiction books and his latest is around gut health…  “The Fast 800” by Dr Michael Mosley

To connect with Gary you can find him here on LinkedIn:…

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