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Happiness, Accountability and Successful Habits by Holly Smith EP 3

Happiness, Accountability and Successful Habits by Holly Smith EP 3

Holly Smith from BizFit Club and “30 Days to Happiness”, is joining us on the Business Growth Mindset podcast.

Holly is an entrepreneur, and accountability coach and author.

She’s best known for her first founding business, BizFit Club. A health and fitness program designed for busy individuals who work long hours and feel like they have no motivation, no time and no energy to put themselves and their health first.

A fascinating discussion with an intriguing lady…

Many topics are explored and one thing that jumped out at me was that youth and maturity can go hand in hand!

Her book, 30 Days to Happiness can be found here:

And the book Holly loves to read, Millionaire Success Habits can be found here:…

To connect with Holly:


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