It’s okay to fail

It’s Ok to Fail: Failing sucks! The feeling of failure can crumble the toughest of us and Kristian was no different.

In his book you’ll discover how he harnessed failure and developed the strategies to propel you towards converting failure into a tool for Success! Definitely a must read for all who’ve experienced failure and want to have the feeling of success in their business life.

Turn Failure Into Fuel: Achieve Success Beyond Your Imagination!

  • Gain insights into the true nature of failure and dispel common misconceptions. Learn to view failure as a stepping stone towards success, not a dead-end.
  • Explore various forms of failure and understand how they manifest in different aspects of life and business.
  • Discover how to cope with the feelings associated with failure and turn them into sources of motivation and growth.
  • Learn practical strategies for using failure to your advantage.
  • Develop a business growth mindset that enables you to embrace challenges and learn from them.
  • Gain actionable insights into making failure a catalyst for progress and innovation.
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About the aurthor

Kristian, an entrepreneur with involvement in 76 companies and advisory roles in over 500 businesses globally, has a diverse career journey.

He initially soared with accolades like Restaurant and Catering Australia Young Achiever of the Year, but faced hardships during the Global Financial Crisis, leading to financial and personal lows. A pivotal moment came during a community service stint, pushing him towards a life of purpose and self-growth. This shift led him to rebuild his career discreetly, garnering respect for his problem-solving skills and eventually being titled Adjunct Professor by the University of Adelaide, aiding in raising over A$189 million for start-ups through ThincLab. Kristian pursued further education, penned a book, launched a podcast, and now shares his business acumen globally while residing in Australia with his family, embodying the belief that determined individuals can indeed change the world.

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