How to thrive through chaos

Today I want to share with you how to thrive through chaos. The tagline for the last couple of years must be “Uncertain times” doesn’t it? Sensational news headlines pit one side against the other and punctuate daily conversations with friends, colleagues, and family members. Social media makes you wonder, “is this true or false?” and distrust grows as a result of the extra noise. Sound familiar? But YOU don’t have to live in a state of distrust. You don’t have to live in a state of fear during times of uncertainty.

You always have the power to choose faith over fear.

So what would happen if you decided to push fear aside to take control of your emotions and create meaningful change?

•It’s time to take action and make fear work for you.
•It’s time to stop being afraid of what could go wrong – and get excited about what could go right.
•It’s time to stop wondering who to trust – and trust yourself. You can’t control the external forces that impact your life, but you can control how you react to them. You can make a world that seems out of control work for you by stepping into uncertainty with a new perspective.

When you discover how to take charge, you decide your path…

So what path will you choose? The path of fear and uncertainty? Or one of faith and absolute certainty that you can create the life you desire, no matter what? Starting today, make the decision to take back control of your emotions. Face the fear, embrace the uncertainty, and start living in a peak state. The truth is, there is no reason not to. And we cannot transcend the boundaries that we ourselves impose. But by taking back your power, you will be able to create more change, make more of a difference, and have more of an impact on others and on the world than ever before. If you are stuck, uncertain and unable to do this on your time then it’s time to hang out with me and let me help you take control of your state, live in a peak state, embrace disruption, change and uncertainty and thrive through the chaos you face.

Achievement and Fulfilment

I spend an unbelievable amount of time helping people gain achievement. I help them do it faster, quicker, better, showing them the shortcuts, teaching them the strategies and modelling what works, this helps them save years.

But where I really help my clients is in the area of fulfillment, because this is an area that most people are not good at and what is an achievement without fulfillment. Why do we have so much anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression and burnout?

Because we have forgotten to appreciate our achievement, instead we continuously set expectations that overtime becomes unsustainable.

You see they are miserable despite the money and the achievement because they are lonely, disconnected and stuck. They yearn for energy and vitality, inspiration and deep connection.
So, I meet their business needs and I also give them the courage to change what’s inside of them and help them turn expectations into appreciation and this is very powerful.

Until next time live with purpose.

5 Steps to Thriving

Today I am going to share with you 5 simple steps that will help you thrive in any area of your life.

Have you ever felt defeat, unaccomplished or stuck!  You have tried to overcome the challenges and problems that you face yet everything you try doesn’t seem to work.

It’s ok I get this, I have experienced this and so too have all my clients at some stage in their life, and it’s ok. The issue is not you or the circumstances you are in, in fact, it’s much simpler, it’s a combination of your mindset and the decisions you make that cause you to fail, give up, and not achieve.

From my experience serving hundreds of business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs I have witnessed the broken system and complacency that leads to failure.

But there is a way to solve these issues and I have five simple steps that will help you.

1.Tipping Point 

To create a change in your life, that is to make things the way you want them, you must experience a tipping point. This only happens when you make a compelling decision to change!


This is about doing something over and over again until you have fully master it.


You must adopt your practice in your everyday life. This means taking action in your daily life.


By fully understanding and integrating your practice in your daily routine, it becomes natural, its forms who you are, your very fabric.


You must use it or you will lose it. The only way to dominate is to continually use your new practice.

Following these five steps and taking action each and every day will lead to unconscious competence and help you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Until next time live with purpose.

4 Decisions That Every Business Must Focus On To Thrive

4 Decisions that every business must focus on to thrive Kristian livolsi

What should a business focus on? 

These four areas of decision making are based on People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Simple Right? Yeh!! 

Today I want to share with you four decisions that every business must focus on to be successful.

Did you know that less than 4% of companies scale beyond 10 million dollars?
Consider that 23% of these firms are high impact firms that employ the majority of the people in the private sector!!

These firms are generally more than 25 years old and well established.

You see, the opportunity for a well established businesses to grow is expediential!

I have the privilege of working with many of these firms and what I love most about them is they have enormous potential for innovation, growth, and expansion.

The challenge that these firms face is that they don’t know the system and often they lack the appetite to venture forward and grow. For most they resemble an elephant, that is they are slow, heavy yet timeless. They have well-established systems and processes, but they lack diversity and agility.

The current global circumstances have led to the disruption of established ecosystems, caused economic uncertainty, and changed the way we do business. For some of these elephants, the need to adapt and diversity has come very quickly and at a price. Many have been slow to react, but have they done enough, that is the question.

So if you are one of these elephants or perhaps you are a new business caught in this uncertain environment then here are…

Four decisions that all firms must consider for staying relevant and thriving through these times.

  • How do you attracting and keep the right people?
  • How do you create a truly differentiated strategy?

I recommend all my clients focus on these four decisions often in fact they are on top of mind in our quarterly discussions.