10 Growth Mindset Affirmations to Supercharge your Life

1. I have grit and I don’t quit

2. I build habits that will help me succeed

3. My attitude is everything

4. I am open to learning

5. I can handle any challenge

6. I am vulnerable and open to change

7. Growth happened when I go outside my comfort zone

8. Failure is another opportunity for improvement

9. My imperfect action is better than inaction

10. I am abundance, I am love and I am loved and fulfilled.


Take time each day to affirm these to yourself and take a step toward living a more fulfiled and meaningful life. Until next time live with purpose.

We work with highly driven top performers to create meaningful change that impact their business and life through mastering a growth mindset and implementing systems and processes that support scaling.

Kristian Livolsi | Business Growth Mindset


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