How to Deal with Mental Fatigue

How can we exactly deal with Mental Fatigue?

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at five events, some virtual and others in person. I must say I have missed the in person live events, there is something special about the energy of a live audience.

I had the opportunity to talk to many business owners and leaders after the events and I was surprised to find so many of them showing signs of mental fatigue.

It got me thinking about how I could serve them, and so I summarized the key points from my burnout eBook and sent them an email. The response was resounding, all 17 people replied back within a few hours.  I have subsequently had many conversations with them about how to help them breakthrough the survival mode they are stuck in.

You know me right! I love giving and teaching.  I love rewarding you for taking the time to listen to my content and I love to serve!!! It is my purpose to serve and help you become the very best version of you.

I love helping you be more, do more, achieve more. So, I am going to share with you exactly what I shared with these courageous leaders in the hope it will serve you too.

These are my 6 tips that changed my life and helped me overcome mental fatigue and burnout.

1. Give yourself permission to step away

This sounds simple but often avoided.  Its ok to step away regardless of your limiting belief that your company will not be there in 5 days’ time without you. If you think this which many do then you really need to hire an advisor to support, you.  I recommend you give yourself permission and take 5 days off and spend it with the people that you care about the most. This simple decision will shift your perspective.

2. Find your PURPOSE

Mark Twwain said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

The first and most basic point to understand is exactly what is meant by purpose. Essentially, it’s your reason for doing or creating something.

Your ‘why’ is what gives you a sense of determination. It’s what gets you motivated, and keeps you motivated. Your purpose, the reason why you do something, is what makes you outcome-driven.


What you can actually change and the sources to meet your needs are critical to preventing burnout. Your circumstances around workload and the mental load play a significant role in burnout.

If you are unsupported, unappreciated and feel unsafe then this too causes exhaustion and fatigue which can lead to burnout. If this is your reality, then you must decide to remove yourself from those circumstances or modify your expectations.

Some simple things that you can do to regulate your reality is too breath, have breaks and practice mindfulness.

4. REDUCE Demands

This is about structural change and by this, I mean decreasing your load. Start by reviewing your role, the tasks you must perform and the outcomes you need to achieve. Once you have the exhaustive list determine what you must keep, delegate or delete. Once you have done this process you can systemise and automate, and this will reduce your demands.

5. Get HELP and Increase SUPPORT

This can be in the form of hiring a business advisor, coach or clinician.

Many top performing CEO’s attributes their success to their advisors and coaches – this is no secret.  How many world champion athletes in the world have coaches? From Olympic athletes to political leaders, the best of the best has a coach so why should business leaders be any different.

Make sure you find someone who has been there, understands the journey, has failed and succeed.  Find someone who has captained a ship through the storms before, this will give you the very best chance to thrive, rather merely survive.


This matters more than ever, because we live is a fast-paced digital age where everyone is busy and we are always connected when in fact it’s an illusion and we ignore what makes us human and that is other humans.

Choose your human connections wisely and flourish. Create your very own tight-nit circle of trust, with people who share the same ambitions and values, help one another connect to your purpose and grow and flourish together.

If you want to dive deeper into burnout, click the link on the post and download my eBook Burnout, it has lots of information to support you.

No matter how fatigued you are it’s not the circumstances that define you but the decisions you make. Take back control and thrive.

Until next time live with purpose.

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Kristian Livolsi | Business Growth Mindset


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