E9 Creating New Pathways in Business for Women and Non-Binary People with Moira Were AM

E9 Creating New Pathways in Business for Women and Non-Binary People with Moira Were AM

Moira encapsulates helping women and non-binary people by creating new pathways in business systems. She is a disruptor of the “establishment” and a champion of those that need help. Moira has been in leadership roles from a very young age, not about leading self, but building community and leading others.

South Australian born but widely travelled, it exposed her to diversity and wanting to be part of something much bigger than herself. Using this passion, Moira now sits on, drives and is the founder of many boards/organisations:
• Chooks
• Hen House Co-Op Ltd https://henhouse.coop/
• Collab 4 Good https://www.collab4good.com.au/
• SheEO https://sheeo.world/linktree/
• Office of the Chief Entrepreneur

Moira’s soulful personality shines in this conversation as she delves into some enticing questions around:

• Social Enterprises
• What does it mean to be a “System’s Disruptor”
• Grit & Grace
• Habits that serve you

Moira’s Top 3 Lessons:

• Back yourself
• Being optimistic – Glass half full/Having a strong asset-based approach
• Take a breath – Breathe well, sing, laugh, yoga, meditate… Fill your lungs

My key takeaways from this conversation with Moira are:

• You have to be purpose & passion led in anything you do and then work hard
• Use small amounts of time
• We need to balance the gender gap for investment

A quote from the conversation that stuck with me:

“Diversity is the theory, but inclusion is the practise.”

Great Books, Authors & Podcasts Moira recommends:

“Wife Drought” by Annabel Crabb

“A Beautiful Constraint” by Adam Morgan & Mark Barden

Brené Brown’s “Dare to Lead” Podcast: https://brenebrown.com/podcast-show/d…

“The Moth” Podcast: https://themoth.org/podcast

Mary Oliver Poems:
1. Summer Day
2. Wild Geese
3. And When I’m Among the Trees

Connect with Moira here:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moirawere/
Blog: https://moirawere.wordpress.com/

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