Today I want to talk about intuition – that gut instinct we all possess. 

In December 2018 Lucy and I and the children moved into our new house which we had been building for some 18 months. During the holiday period I had been working on a ton of DIY projects. I read the instructions from top to bottom, and I follow them. Now, I don’t know about you, but no matter how closely I follow the instructions, things never seem to work out exactly the way the instructions say they will. 

The instructions on one of the projects told me to use an 8mm drill bit. Now let me be very clear I am no handyman!!! We’ve just finished building a new house, and everything is pretty and nice, and I go and drill 8mm holes in the wall to anchor the cupboards, so they don’t fall on the babies. And the 8mm holes were too big. I knew instinctively before I started drilling that the 8mm drill bit was too big, and that I needed to use a 6mm drill bit. 

How many times has this happened to you? That you’ve known, you’ve just known, whatever it was, maybe someone gave you advice, and you’ve thought that the advice was wrong, but you still followed it. 

This notion of intuition in business is really, really important. So, why do we go against our instincts? Why do we question ourselves? 

I rarely question myself in business anymore. When I do, I go and seek high level advice. I pay for it; I want to know that the advice I receive is valuable and reliable. I am an executive coach and advisor who has several coaches, advisors and mentors. This is what gives me the edge. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, you can become your own most valued advisor. Learn to follow your intuition. Learn to trust yourself. Your gut instinct is very powerful, and we undervalue ourselves so much. 

The key takeaway is, start to harness the power of your gut instinct! 

As always, live with purpose!

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Kristian Livolsi | Business Growth Mindset


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