E11 Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur’s Journey with Mal Chia

The lessons learned from this entrepreneur’s journey and Mal’s extensive experience in the Marketing world is explored in this podcast episode. As the former Head of Marketing for Uber in South Australia, Mal Chia gives an insight into how Uber Eats in Adelaide was a test case for the rest of the world. Mal Chia […]

E8 Integrating Determination, Energy & Passion in Business – Alice Pennington

Throughout this podcast, you will feel the energy that drives Alice in her business. From always seeing the learning moment in every uncomfortable scenario to exuding passion for her clients. Getting down to the guts of what it takes to run a business as a single mum, Alice brings out the best in everyone around […]

E7 Country Values, Self-Belief And An Undeniable Work Ethic – Nicole Underwood

Nicole Underwood’s country values, self-belief and undeniable work ethic underpins her business values in the C-Suite Executive recruitment industry. There are so many learnings in this podcast about being an achievement oriented, purpose driven and fulfilment business leader, that whether you’re an established business owner or someone looking to make that leap, it’s a can’t […]

E6 Top Achiever | Leaving a Legacy of Love and Humility with Paul Edginton

A builder of legacies through love and humility is what excites Paul Edginton. Right from his childhood, Paul realised that a life of service to somebody else is the true meaning of purpose which he brings to his roles in the not-for-profit and business world. Paul has enriched the lives of youth on the streets […]

E5 Top Achievers | Capturing Beautiful Moments In Care with CareApp Founder

Being able to capture beautiful moments in the aged care and disabled care industries is an achievement that has Allison filled with a sense of love and purpose. A person with many facets, Allison Nikula embodies what it means to be a “life lover”. As we know, top achievers in life are “busy” people and […]

E2 Top Achievers – From Failure to Global Success with André Eikmeier

From Failure to Global Success with André Eikmeier After years of poverty, stupidity, half an accounting degree, a failed family business, an acting career in four out of five of Australia’s worst TV shows, a singing career that never transcended being lead singer in a One Hit Wonders covers band, a failed theatre production company, […]