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E5 Top Achievers | Capturing Beautiful Moments In Care with CareApp Founder

Being able to capture beautiful moments in the aged care and disabled care industries is an achievement that has Allison filled with a sense of love and purpose. A person with many facets, Allison Nikula embodies what it means to be a “life lover”. As we know, top achievers in life are “busy” people and Allison is no different. Allison is a wife, mother, daughter, friend and an accidental entrepreneur! Allison’s massive personality shines in this conversation as she delves into some enticing questions around: • Being an “accidental” entrepreneur • The journey of

E4 Top Achievers | Top Tips in Finding the Balance of Work and Personal Life with Nikki Govan

Spinning the plates, fitting in all that life throws at us and then add on top, being a business owner and Chair of many Boards, Nikki Govan shares her secrets to staying sane and thriving. Women tend to take on many roles and through Nikki’s life experience, heroes and mentors, and a relentless strength of being a people person, she divulges her secrets! Some of the questions we explore are: • How do you spin the plates? • How do we fit it all in? • Who is Nikki and what does she stand for? •

E3 Top Achievers | How Attitude, Focus & Curiosity Drives Business with Shane Yeend

How Attitude, Focus & Curiosity Drives Business with Shane Yeend Shane is a father, friend, global employer and serial entrepreneur! He is the CEO of Imagination Group, the Founder & Chairman of Gamestar+ and the guy who owns the license to sell photos of the Hollywood sign! That’s right 😳 His company owns the rights to: Battle of the Sexes Deal or NO Deal 50 Shades of Grey and many other well-known entities. He is the recipient of the famous EY Australian Entrepreneur of The Year and World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and Innovator of the Year… His investors include: American

E2 Top Achievers – From Failure to Global Success with André Eikmeier

From Failure to Global Success with André Eikmeier After years of poverty, stupidity, half an accounting degree, a failed family business, an acting career in four out of five of Australia's worst TV shows, a singing career that never transcended being lead singer in a One Hit Wonders covers band, a failed theatre production company, a film production company that never broke out of making corporate videos for wineries with no money, an online wine social site which made absolutely no money, and a year-long kombi wine adventure travelling round the

E1 Top Achievers – Talking Growth Mindset with Lauren Whiting From Lift Cancer Care

Lauren’s interview was powerful, she is a driven and committed individual, with a strong desire to live her best life serving others with a cancer diagnosis. A wife and mother of three children, a netball coach, friend, and oncology physiotherapist with a Masters in Applied Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As the co-founder and CEO of Lift Cancer Care, a fully accredited day hospital she works with remarkably inspirational people, helping them overcome the physical and emotional strain that comes from a cancer diagnosis. Lift is a world leader in prescribed exercise medicine, they are

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